CANopenIA Devices

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) devices based on CANopenIA technology are ready to use. They have an industrial or automotive grade housing and can be directly connected to inputs and outputs or a host device with a serial interface.

CANopenIA Input and Output Devices

These devices implement the CiA 401 specification for generic I/O devices. Software variations for other device or application profiles such as CleANopen, CiA 447 or others are available on request.

Device Profile Description of I/O Signals Buy at
CiA 401, Generic I/O 8 digital in, 8 digital out CANopen (FD) Digital DR I/O
CiA 401, Generic I/O 8 digital in, 8 digital out,
4 analog in, 2 frequency out
CANopen Digital 1 I/O
CANopen Digital 2 I/O
CiA 401, Generic I/O 13 analog in, 4 analog out,
4 digital in, 2 frequency out
CANopen Analog 1 I/O
CiA 447, Generic I/O 8 digital in, 13 digital out,
6 analog in, 2 analog out
CiA 447 generic I/O module

CANopenIA Coprocessor Devices

These devices can implement a variety of CiA specifications including CiA 401, CiA 447, CleANopen and others. All implement the CANopenIA remote access protocol.

Name Description and supported Profiles Buy at 
PCAN-RS-232-CANopenIA Device offers a RS232 (custom connector) interface. Profiles available are generic CANopen (CiA 401) and CleANopen (CiA 422) CANopenIA-Serial Module
CANgineBerry Aktive CANopen interface to UART (TTL), implements CANopen Device or CANopen Manager CANgineBerry